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Summerfield Zoo is a not for profit organization.  Summerfield Zoo’s main objective is to provide an up close and personal animal experience for the whole family!  As a small zoo, visitors can get up close and meet many of our animals.

Summerfield Zoo has existed as a part of Summerfield Farm since 1990.  We have a variety of exotic animals including mountain lions, zebra, ring-tailed lemurs, giant tortoises, arctic wolves, kinkajous, large-spotted genets, servals, bobcats, foxes, wallabies and more!  Summerfield Zoo prides itself on the personal and up close experience that it provides to its visitors.  As a smaller zoo we can provide viewing areas that are closer to the animals than at most large zoos.  We have many animals available for visitors to pet and take pictures with.

As the only zoo in the Northern Illinois area we look to the community for support and volunteers as we continue to expand and grow while providing the community with a unique zoo experience.

Your visits, donations, & gift shop purchases help to build and maintain exhibits and to feed the animals, many of which are rescues.  Thank you for your continued support.

Summerfield Zoo also hosts special events at the farm with ample space for your company picnics, or parties with tours of the animal park.  Field trips and group tours are also available.

Exotic animals can also appear at your business, community event, private opening, or school assembly.

The types of animals appearing can be tailored to your event.  Educational talks can be provided by our animal specialists.  We can bring hands on and/or display animals.  Some of the many animals we can bring include Kinkajous, Parrots, Wallabies, Reindeer, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Cougars, Camels, Hedgehogs, Servals, Bobcats, Tortoises, and other animals from around the world! Just ask and we might have it.

USDA Licensed


baby camel baby wallaby reindeer bull
kinkajou baby cougar geoffroy Mandarin ducks
sulcata tortoise serval kitten cougars
fennec serval
cougar Mute swan lemurs baby fennec
  Rockie at 12 weeks
Rockie at 4 weeks Australian Black Swans Summerfield Farm
oryx blue and gold macaw coatimundi
caracal serval kitten serval genet
Canyon Lemurs bobcat
winter at Summerfield Farm


Summerfield Farm, Inc.

Rick and Tammy Anderson

3088 Flora Road

Belvidere, IL 61008


FAX: 815-547-5216

Email: rudolphand@aol.com

summerfieldzoo@aol.com and summerfieldarabs@aol.com

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